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As you reach retirement age, you want your days to be stress-free and filled with quality time with loved ones. After all, you’ve earned it through decades of hard work and responsibility. That’s why at Wood Creek Dental in upstate South Carolina, we aim to provide a comfortable environment for all of our patients, especially our senior patients, so that you can get the dental care you need to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.

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At our Greenville and Landrum offices, we understand that our senior patients have different dental needs than our other patients, and we provide the comprehensive dental care that you need and deserve at this stage of your life. You can trust that when you come to us for your oral health needs, our entire staff will work to make your visit as pleasant and efficient as possible so that you can get back to enjoying your life.If you’d like to learn more about the senior dental care services we provide, please give us a call at our Greenville office at  864-288-5300 or our Landrum office at  864-457-3425 to schedule your free consultation. We happily serve those who live in Greenville, Simpsonville, Landrum, and nearby areas of South Carolina and North Carolina.

How Do Needs Differ in Senior Dentistry?

At Wood Creek Dental, we understand that as our patients get older their dental needs begin to change. Whether you’re dealing with reduced saliva production or looking for a permanent tooth replacement option, our experienced dentists can help you understand the options available and select the right dental treatments to return your smile to full function and beauty.

A variety of factors can negatively affect your dental health as you get older. At our offices, we often see patients with issues caused by:

  • Medications
  • Reduced saliva production
  • Old silver fillings
  • Changing lifestyles

With these changes, dental care becomes more important than ever to keep your mouth healthy. Certain types of dental decay, periodontal disease, and prescription medications can wreck a healthy mouth in a short period of time.

The focus for our senior patients is to provide a comfortable environment for the dental work they need. Our entire staff is committed to helping you love your smile and enjoy your dental services.

What Kind Of Senior Dental Care Solutions Are Available?

Fortunately, with newer materials and more advanced technology and methods, we have many more options available to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Not only can you keep your teeth, but we can also rejuvenate your smile to take years off your appearance. We can improve your smile with cosmetic enhancements such as:

When you come to us for your dental care, we’ll begin by ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy or treating them if they need care. We will explore various options during your consultation to determine the safest and most effective treatment for your specific issue.

For example, we will recommend dental implants, a bridge or dentures if you have missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium screws that are fused into the jawbone. This process helps make sure that you don’t lose bone density in your jaw. Afterward, a tooth-colored crown is placed securely on top of the implant to serve as your new permanent tooth. Dentures and bridges are also options for missing teeth; however, dental implants offer more benefits, better functionality, and better maintainance of your facial structure.

This is just one example of the types of treatments we can provide you at our office. Our experienced dentists will speak with you in depth about your condition and address any concerns you may have so that you can leave feeling great about how your smile looks and feels.

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say

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“At 92, keeping my teeth and gums healthy is important and helps me stay healthy! Dr. Bridges completed a filling repair quickly and easily. Thanks!”

—Earl R.

"State of the Art Dentistry with skillful and knowledgeable Dentists and Hygienists that rank among the best that have cared for me over the last 60 + years!"

—Michael C.

"Wood Creek Dental has a very caring staff that makes me feel special. They are concerned about what I need and how to best meet my needs. I always know I will receive excellent professional care when I am with them."

 —Eva H.

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If you’re a senior and are looking to experience top-quality dental care and explore your options for smile rejuvenation, call us today at Wood Creek Dental at 864-288-5300 in the Greenville area and 864-457-3425 in the Landrum area to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced dentists. We can find the right dental solutions to fit your individual needs. We welcome patients throughout Greenville, Landrum, Simpsonville, and the entire upstate South Carolina area.


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