Wood Creek Patient Testimonials

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"I have had upper dentures for 25 years. Since Dr. Hunt put in my implants, my dentures are finally secure, and that has given me more confidence. I had very little discomfort after the procedure and would encourage anyone thinking about implants to go ahead and get them. I wish I had done this years ago!"
-Shirley J.
"I first met Dr. Hunt in 1986, during a painful experience with TMJ, due to an automobile accident – it was a positive experience, which eased my pain. Years later, I decided Dr. Hunt could be the answer to my ‘fear of dental’ treatment…I was right. I have had porcelain caps applied to correct a horrible overbite, and I no longer dread or avoid dental visits. Dr. Hunt and his staff are wonderful! Thanks!"
-Priscilla W.
"One of my worst possible nightmares came true when I fell head first down 22 steps…3 root canals and 4 crowns later, I was restored to almost the way God made me! I would recommend Wood Creek Dental for any issues you may have regarding your teeth. They will listen to your concerns with an open ear and a compassionate heart. And once you choose them, they will put their well-trained hands and minds to work in order to sculpt you the perfect smile!"
-Tammy P.
"I do a lot of public speaking, but for 40 years I was embarrassed whenever I smiled. Ever since the dental work I had done at Wood Creek Dental, I can smile and not feel self-conscious."
-Elizabeth H.