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Greenville child gets teeth cleaning and dental exam at Wood Creek DentalThe first dental visit for your child can be a scary experience for everyone involved, which is why our family dentists at Wood Creek Dental believe in providing a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for our patients of all ages. We work particularly hard to make your child’s visit as stress-free as possible. That often starts with bringing them with you to your appointment to begin building a level of trust with our dentists and staff. Our goal is to eliminate fear and educate both parents and children about maintaining good dental hygiene while making the first trip to the dentist a fun experience.

Schedule your child’s first dental visit at Wood Creek Dental in Greenville today at (864) 288-5300. Our dentists see children as young as three and encourage you to bring them with you when you come to our office for your own exam and cleaning. 

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Infographic outlines how to take care of your kid's teeth by age group

The Importance of Children’s Dental Hygiene Care

Getting your child to take care of their teeth is no easy task, but it’s important to set them up for good oral health for life by starting early. Your child will experience fewer dental problems as they grow if you start early, and that begins with his or her first dental visit. You can ease into this by bringing them with you for your dental exam and cleaning. That way they know what to expect and are already comfortable with our dentists and staff. The tools can be scary for small children and comfort is key.

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Maintain Good Hygiene at Home for Infants, Toddlers, and Growing Children

Three children smile after their dental exam at Wood Creek Dental in Greenville. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are essential, but all of this starts at home.

  • Infant Dental Care: It’s recommended to start cleaning your baby’s gums with a water-soaked cloth after each feeding to remove food and stimulate the gum tissue. When teeth begin to erupt, brush gently with fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Dental Care for Toddlers (2-3 years old): This is the age where you start teaching your child proper brushing techniques and encourage them to brush twice a day. You can make this a fun family activity by letting them pick out their toothbrush and brush together each morning and night.
  • Dental Hygiene for 7-8 years old: Gentle flossing can be introduced when your child reaches seven or eight.

Check to see if your local water supply contains fluoride, and if it doesn’t, discuss supplementation with our Greenville dentists. We offer sealants and fluoride treatments for our young patients to ensure healthy teeth and prevent cavities as they grow. Sealants protect the grooves and depressions on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Nearly 90 percent of school-aged children in America develop cavities because of food and bacteria build up in those hard-to-clean and hard-to-reach grooves.

You can also help your children maintain a healthy mouth through a well-balanced diet free of excessive, sugary snacks and drinks.

Hear From Parents of Our Pediatric Patients

Thank you for the great care of myself and my three young children all in one visit. I know that I can trust that my children are being well taken care of while I am having my appointment.”  — Sandra H.

“The fact that staff knows my child's likes/dislikes makes it a great experience. Thankful we don't have to have separate dentist for kids and parents — nice to have a family friendly practice!!” — Chandler C.

"I always have an excellent experience at Woodcreek Dental! They are the best! Also I recently took my 3 year old and they were wonderful with him!" - Lindsey C. 

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Schedule a dental exam and cleaning for your child today in Greenville by calling (864) 288-5300 or in Landrum by calling (864) 457-3425. Wood Creek Dental provides family dentistry to patients in Greenville, Landrum, Simpsonville, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.