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Metal-free crowns are natural looking and extremely durable. Ceramic comes very close to matching the hardness of a natural tooth. It offers many advantages over conventional crowns and has been routinely used by the doctors at Wood Creek Dental in Upstate South Carolina to restore our patients’ smiles.

Additionally, we are now able to offer esthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single visit with CEREC "same day crown" technology.

Natural Looking Dental Crowns and Bridges

No more black lines around crowns or that “looks like caps” esthetics! Lava™ (trademark of 3M company) and other zirconia-based developments have achieved heights in esthetic dentistry that were not possible a few short years ago.

Lava is an all-ceramic tooth restoration with a zirconium oxide understructure, which offers increased strength and fracture resistance. Lava crowns and bridges can withstand pressures far greater than those normally occurring within the bite structure. By restoring your teeth with these metal-free alternatives, we are not only keeping the natural beauty of your smile but also enhancing its strength and function.

Read what our patients are saying!

“One of my worst possible nightmares came true when I fell head first down 22 steps…3 root canals and 4 crowns later, I was restored to almost the way God made me! I would recommend Wood Creek Dental for any issues you may have regarding your teeth. They will listen to your concerns with an open ear and a compassionate heart. And once you choose them, they will put their well-trained hands and minds to work in order to sculpt you the perfect smile!”

— Tammy P.

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What Are CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Wood Creek Dental offers CEREC same-day dental crowns. This technique uses CAD/CAM technology to create a high-quality, cost-effective restoration that is delivered in one office visit. The CAD/CAM process provides the precision necessary to craft a dental crown that will fit perfectly on your damaged tooth. Your crown is made from a ceramic material that can be matched to the color of your neighboring teeth for beautiful, natural looking results.

3D digital imaging technology creates a virtual model of your tooth that will be used to manufacture your crown. Our dentists will create the crown in our office during your appointment. Once the crown is completed, it will be placed on your tooth immediately, providing you with a fully functional restoration in just one office visit. In contrast, traditional dental crowns are manufactured in a lab, requiring an additional office visit to complete the procedure.

You’ll experience the following benefits from CEREC crowns:

  • Your restoration is completed in just one office visit
  • Eliminates the need for the placement of a temporary crown, which isn’t as strong as your permanent restoration and may be susceptible to falling out
  • Any adjustments to the crown can be made in our office during your appointment, ensuring a precise fit with your tooth
  • All records of your tooth are taken digitally, eliminating the use of messy, uncomfortable impression materials
  • High-quality ceramic material provides durable, long-lasting results
  • Your new crown will blend in seamlessly with your smile

Patients who need a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth are often good candidates for a CEREC crown. Our dentists will discuss the pros and cons of each dental crown option with you and recommend the ideal solution for your unique needs and goals.

What Are the Differences Between Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns, also known as “caps,” are placed over teeth that have become weakened through trauma or severe decay. Dental crowns are sized, shaped, and shaded to match adjacent teeth in appearance and can be used to restore teeth following a root canal, prevent further damage to compromised teeth, and serve as a replacement for teeth that have been extracted or have fallen out. Crowns can also be used to secure dental bridges.

A dental bridge is a device used to hold a replacement tooth in place. Typically attached to dental crowns placed over the natural teeth on both sides of the missing one, bridges can also be attached to dental implants when adjacent teeth are not present.

Who Is a Candidate to Receive Crowns and Bridges?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge. Bridges are stronger and more reliable than dentures and can help to restore both strength and appearance to the smile.

If you have teeth that are compromised, damaged, or missing, you may be a good candidate for a dental crown. The best way to learn if a crown is the right restoration for your smile is through a one-on-one consultation with one of the experienced dentists at Wood Creek Dental.

How Can I Prepare for Crowns or Bridges?

Nothing will need to be done on your part in preparation for a dental crown or bridge. You will need to be free of limiting oral health issues, however. These will be treated before your procedure.

If you are having dental sedation performed in conjunction with your crown or bridge, you will need to arrange for a ride to and from our office. We will discuss these things and provide individualized instructions to help ensure you are fully prepared for your dental restoration.

Can Both Procedures Be Done at Once?

Bridges and crowns are often placed at the same time. Bridges are typically secured to dental crowns, making crowns necessary for the procedure.

Dental crowns can be placed with or without a dental bridge.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery from both dental crowns and dental bridges may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. There may be some residual inflammation, tenderness, and sensitivity following the placement of crowns and bridges, but these things should subside with proper care.

You may need a few days to adjust to your new bite, which can cause slight changes in speech patterns and bite tension. This typically resolves quickly and should not pose any lasting discomfort.

In most cases, comfort and confidence are fully restored after one to two weeks.

How Can I Maintain My Results?

Both dental bridges and dental crowns can be cared for in the same manner as your natural teeth. Depending on the type of crown you have had placed, you may need to avoid abrasive toothpaste, such as that with charcoal or baking soda, to help prevent damaging your restorations, but by and large, brushing after every meal and snack and flossing both morning and night should be all it takes to help your crowns and bridges last for years.

When you come to our office for your routine cleanings and examinations, we will carefully evaluate your crowns and bridges to make sure they are still offering full functional and aesthetic benefits.

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Crowns or A Dental Bridge?

In general, we recommend dental crowns to correct issues, such as:

  • Covering a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Covering a tooth after a root canal was performed
  • Protecting a chipped, weakened, or fractured tooth
  • Protecting a tooth that has had a large filling
  • Attaching a bridge

If one or more teeth are missing, we may recommend a dental bridge where a false tooth or teeth are supported by a dental crown on either side. You may also be a candidate for dental implants.

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