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ClearCorrect offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional wire-and-bracket braces. Using a series of clear, comfortable aligners, this orthodontic option addresses malocclusion, or misalignments, by gently moving teeth into their ideal position with each progressive set of aligners.

Results from ClearCorrect become noticeable quickly, with each new set of aligners improving your smile by degrees. Over the course of treatment, your teeth will be moved gradually into their correct position, improving bite strength and chewing efficiency, while giving you a straight and attractive smile.

If you believe your smile could benefit from orthodontic treatment, you may have options well beyond wire-and-bracket braces. Call Wood Creek Dental at 864-457-3425 to schedule an appointment at our Landrum office or 864-288-5300 to schedule a consultation at our Greenville location.

Conditions ClearCorrect Treats

Malocclusion may refer to any issue impacting the alignment of the teeth. Similar to braces, ClearCorrect treats malocclusion.

Specific conditions that may benefit from ClearCorrect treatment include:

  • Gapped or unevenly spaced teeth
  • Tooth crowding
  • Crooked tooth presentation
  • Underbite and Overbite
  • Cross-bite
  • Overjet

ClearCorrect can be used to treat a comprehensive range of issues and may be useful for both minor and more pronounced levels of malocclusion. It is also a great choice for patients who have already worn traditional braces but are now experiencing a relapse or shifting of their teeth. The best way to determine if this treatment is a good fit for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation with one of the experienced family dentists at our Greenville or Landrum office.

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Why Treat Malocclusion (Misaligned Bite)?

A misaligned bite can alter the appearance of the face. By correcting tooth alignment, greater comfort and a more natural-looking smile can be achieved.

In addition to improving the appearance, treating malocclusion may help:

  • Improve the health of the gums
  • Improve speaking abilities
  • Support proper tongue and lip function
  • Reduce risks for chronic headaches
  • Reduce the risk for damage and uneven tooth wear
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Prevent TMJ

Improved aesthetics, greater comfort, and reduced risks for oral and systemic health issues are all advantages offered by orthodontic treatment. ClearCorrect offers these same benefits without sharp brackets and wires or painful manual adjustments, making it the clear choice for many of our patients.

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What's The Difference Between ClearCorrect and Braces?

For many patients, ClearCorrect treatment is often faster than traditional braces, with some patients completing treatment in 12 - 18 months as opposed to 24 - 36. This varies from person to person and is dependent on various factors, including the age of the patient and the extent of malocclusion, but by and large, orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect can quite often give patients a straighter smile with less treatment time than many other options.

Traditional braces require brackets to be cemented onto teeth and strung through with wire. Adjustments are performed by bending the wire, which pulls on the brackets and moves the teeth. These adjustments are often reported as “uncomfortable” by patients.

ClearCorrect aligners are made of a nonirritating plastic. Adjustments require a new set of aligners, which gently push teeth into their optimal position. This process is minimally invasive and does not come with the same discomforts as traditional braces.

With wire-and-bracket braces, you must restrict certain foods that could get stuck to or damage your braces. Because they are attached to your teeth, cleaning the gums and removing plaque and food particles from around the brackets will require special equipment as well.

ClearCorrect aligners are easily removed for eating, for teeth cleaning, and for flossing. This eliminates all dietary restrictions and allows you to maintain peak oral health throughout the course of treatment.

The hard and sharp brackets and wires used for traditional braces can cut or irritate soft oral tissue. They can also interfere with certain sports, particularly those in which contact is possible.

ClearCorrect aligners do not irritate soft tissue and will not cut or harm the lips or tongue. Additionally, they will not interfere with athletic pursuits.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference, however, is just how "unnoticeable" ClearCorrect is. Wire-and-bracket braces, even when they are clear, and even when they are placed behind the teeth (lingual), are noticeable. This can cause embarrassment or self-consciousness for adults and older teens.

By contrast, ClearCorrect is virtually unnoticeable and can be worn comfortably at all times – even in professional settings – without becoming a point of distraction.

Faster, more comfortable, less restrictive, and more attractive, ClearCorrect is the clear and simple alternative to braces.

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