Children's Dental Hygiene Care

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Although a child’s first dental visit can be scary for everyone involved, it is our goal at Wood Creek Dental to eliminate fear and educate both parents and children about maintaining good dental hygiene. We want to make your child’s trip to the dentist a fun experience!

“The fact that staff knows my child's likes/dislikes makes it a great experience. Thankful we don't have to have separate dentist for kids and parents — nice to have a family friendly practice!!” — Chandler C.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Caring for your child’s primary teeth is important for several reasons:

  • Healthy teeth allow for clear pronunciation and speech habits.
  • A properly functioning bite allows your child to adequately chew the foods necessary to maintain a nutritious diet.
  • A healthy smile can boost your child’s self-image during developmentally important years.
  • Primary teeth guide eruption of the permanent teeth.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children's Dentist Greenville | Dentistry for Kids LandrumBy teaching children the correct way to care for their teeth early in life, they will experience fewer problems with their dental health as they grow older. You should schedule your child’s first dental appointment when they are age three to four.

We encourage you to bring your child to one of your hygiene appointments before they experience their own. This will help them become familiar with our dentists and staff, the dental office, and all the exciting sights and sounds that come with a dental visit.

Maintaining Good Hygiene at Home

Establishing a regular dental checkup and cleaning schedule is important, but equally important is establishing a good dental care regimen at home. The American Dental Hygiene Association recommends:

  • For infants, clean gums with a water-soaked cloth after each feeding to remove food and stimulate gum tissue and gently brush erupted teeth with fluoridated toothpaste.
  • From age two or three, begin teaching your child proper brushing techniques. Encourage them to brush twice a day.
  • At age seven or eight, you should introduce gentle flossing.
  • If your home water supply does not contain fluoride, discuss options for supplemental fluoride with your dentist.
  • Help your child maintain a well-balanced diet with focus on vegetables, dairy, and protein instead of sugary snacks and drinks.

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