Why is National Flossing Day Important?

The first and only national analysis of the flossing habits of Americans found that slightly more than 30% of U.S. adults floss daily. Around 37% report flossing infrequently. Just over 32% admit to not flossing at all. While having a day dedicated to flossing awareness may seem a bit unusual, the numbers suggest it’s important all the same.

Flossing helps to remove bacteria, plaque, and food particles from in between the teeth. When done daily, it helps reduce risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth infection. It also helps reduce bad breath (halitosis). Equally beneficial, flossing helps to prevent the build up of tartar, a substance that can prove impossible to remove at home, and consequently decreases the amount of time you need to spend getting your teeth scraped during routine dental visits.

So, with the promise of shorter dental visits and a significantly reduced risk for developing certain oral health problems, why don’t more Americans take time to floss daily? It may come down to two simple truths: not everyone knows how important flossing is and, even those who do may not enjoy the practice.

Help With Flossing

Raising awareness of how important it is to floss is the purpose of National Flossing Day, which takes place on November 26th this year. Making it more comfortable to floss often just requires proper instruction. If you struggle with flossing, we would be happy to provide some helpful tips during your next visit to our Greenville or Landrum office.

Some people find water flossers to be more comfortable than using string floss. Others may prefer to use a floss pick or guide. There is not “one right choice” for everyone, but everyone benefits from flossing. If you need suggestions, be sure to ask during your next cleaning and examination, allowing us to help you maintain your strongest and healthiest smile for life.

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