Looking to Protect Your Children’s Teeth? Consider the “Switch Witch”

Protect Your Childrens' Teeth at Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and many parents who are concerned about their children’s oral and systemic health are looking for a good alternative to all the candy that comes with it. Enter the “Switch Witch”, a concept thought up by a mother of two who didn’t want to keep her kids from trick-or-treating but wasn’t looking forward to the health issues that follow excessive sugar consumption either.

The idea is both simple and brilliant: on Halloween night after kids have gone to bed, the Switch Witch comes to swap out all those candy treats with a book, toy, or game. This allows children to enjoy trick-or-treating without parents having to worry about the tooth decay, hyperactivity, and other health issues that can go hand-in-hand with Halloween candy. It’s inventive instead of punitive, and many children prefer the more significant gift to yet another chocolate anyway.

Letting Them Sneak a Few Treats? Here’s What You Should Avoid

If you decide to stick with the treats (or just allow for a few), be sure to help your kids avoid those that are most damaging to their teeth:

  • Chewy and sticky candy, like caramels and taffy
  • Highly acidic candy, such as sour gummies and pixie sticks
  • Hard candy, including jawbreakers and suckers

Plain chocolate poses the least threat to oral health. Just be sure to limit their intake and instruct your kids to drink plenty of water while eating sugary snacks. Also, be sure to instruct your children in proper brushing and flossing techniques to help make sure they are doing everything possible to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

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