Is Diet Soda Bad for Your Teeth?

Is diet soda bad for teeth?

If you are like millions of Americans, one of your New Year’s resolutions is going on a diet to lose weight. Switching regular soda for diet soda is a popular trade to make when you start to count calories. While that new habit may help your waistline shrink, it’s still not the best choice for keeping your teeth healthy.

Diet soda does not contain all the sugar that regular soda does, so by choosing diet varieties, you are eliminating one element that leads to tooth decay. However, diet soda also has a high acid content, just like regular soda. Exposing your teeth to this high level of acidity can weaken your enamel and leave your teeth more susceptible to dental erosion and decay.

To help maintain the health of your teeth, try drinking lower acidity alternatives such as water, tea, and even coffee. Coffee and tea can stain your teeth, but they are much less acidic than soda.

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