Is a Root Canal Very Painful?

Is Root Canal Very Painful?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when a tooth is infected. It may also be needed in cases of severe decay, trauma, or when a tooth is chipped or cracked. With this treatment, debris and infection are gently removed from the inner chamber of the tooth before it is capped with a dental crown. The crown is shaped, shaded, and sized to blend seamlessly into your smile, restoring comfort, strength, and beauty for years to come.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Root canal treatment is typically not painful. Local anesthetic helps to ensure comfort throughout the entire procedure. As with many dental treatments, there may be mild soreness following treatment, but this should be minimal and should not interfere with daily activities.

We Care About You

While root canal treatment is not usually painful, the thought of undergoing the procedure might not be all that exciting. However, root canal therapy eliminates pain, helps to prevent tooth extraction and, when necessary, is essential for long-term oral health.

We take every step to quell discomfort and ensure the most comfortable experience. Amenities including blankets, pillows, and personalized musical selections are all part of the patient experience in our welcoming and calming office environment. We care deeply about your health and happiness and are here to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Thoughtful and attentive, our friendly dentists and staff will listen to your concerns and provide workable solutions for any apprehensions you may have regarding your treatment. To this end, we provide safe and effective sedation dentistry for patients who need additional help dealing with dental phobia or anxiety.

There are several forms of dental sedation, but we have found IV sedation to be the preferred method for our patients and our practice. This type of sedation is administered and overseen by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, helping to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained. This service is currently available only at our Greenville office.

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