How Long Does ClearCorrect Treatment Take?

ClearCorrect® treats alignment issues and malocclusion by using a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually move teeth into their correct position. An alternative to traditional braces, ClearCorrect aligners are custom-made to fit perfectly in each patient’s mouth. They are unobtrusive and virtually invisible, offering enhanced comfort and helping patients achieve a straight, healthy smile without metal wires or brackets.

Many patients wonder how long treatment with ClearCorrect will take, particularly in comparison to traditional orthodontic options. October is National Orthodontic Health Month and a great time to contact our office and ask these types of questions. If you believe you could benefit from ClearCorrect treatment, get in touch today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

ClearCorrect Treatment Duration

Orthodontic treatment with advanced methods like ClearCorrect typically takes less time than traditional braces. On average, most patients can expect to wear ClearCorrect for 12-18 months, but depending upon the severity of the condition, it could take as long as 24. This is in comparison to the three or more years it can take to correct malocclusion with wire-and-bracket braces.

It is important to remember that treatment time will vary for each individual and depends on factors such as the age of the patient and the extent of malocclusion. However, subtle changes are often noticeable quickly, even within a few weeks of starting the treatment.

Key Benefits of Straight Teeth

The benefits of straightening your teeth extend well beyond having an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful smile. Misaligned or crooked teeth are linked to several oral health problems, which makes it important to consider treatment as soon as possible. Some of the most prominent benefits of straight teeth include:

  • Reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  • Greater ease of cleaning teeth and gums
  • More efficient and comfortable chewing abilities
  • Improved speech
  • Reduced risk of damage and abnormal tooth wear
  • Reduced risk of chronic headaches or neck pain
  • Higher confidence and self-esteem

ClearCorrect is a safe and effective treatment option for most individuals with mild to moderate malocclusions. It offers the same benefits as standard braces, but without the uncomfortable and unsightly metal required by traditional options.

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