Did You Know Thanksgiving Feasts Can Be Good for Your Teeth?

Thanksgiving Tooth Health

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and one of the things you are probably thankful for is a healthy mouth to chew all that delicious food! Often, Thanksgiving meals are full of indulgent foods, but some of those traditional dishes are actually good for your teeth.


The main attraction at Thanksgiving—turkey—is packed with protein and phosphorus, which mixes with calcium and vitamin D to create strong bones and teeth.


Most vegetables are filled with nutrients your body needs and fiber that can defend your teeth against cavities. Fiber, from oven roasted carrots or sweet potatoes, stimulates saliva production and helps clean your teeth. Just make sure you aren’t too generous with butter and sugary toppings for your vegetables.


The calcium in dairy products, like milk and cheese, help strengthen your teeth and bones. Hard cheeses can act similar to fibrous vegetables in helping stimulate saliva production to keep your mouth cleaner.


Desserts containing an abundance of sugar should be approached with caution. Sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities, but one slice of pumpkin pie isn’t the end of the world. Pumpkin itself is filled with enamel-building Vitamin A, fiber, and potassium. And after a full Thanksgiving meal, you may want a lighter, healthier dessert, such as berries, nuts, and cheese.

From our family at Wood Creek Dental to your family at home, we wish you a happy, tooth-healthy Thanksgiving!

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