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American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, an effort from the American Heart Association intended to raise awareness of heart disease along with support for research into its cures. It also marks a good time to consider your oral health and the impact your daily hygiene routine can have on the health of your heart.

Looking to Protect Your Children’s Teeth? Consider the "Switch Witch"

Protect Your Childrens' Teeth at Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and many parents who are concerned about their children’s oral and systemic health are looking for a good alternative to all the candy that comes with it. Enter the "Switch Witch", a concept thought up by a mother of two who didn’t want to keep her kids from trick-or-treating but wasn’t looking forward to the health issues that follow excessive sugar consumption either.

Back to School Dental Tips

The new school year is well under way, and most parents have taken great pains to make sure their children are fully equipped with all of the necessities...but is dental hygiene and an appointment with your family dentist on your list? These back to school dental tips will assist in giving your child a bright, healthy smile to wear to class each day!